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The same principles which led Chemex, LLC have led Chemex Modular to become industry leaders in new and existing hydrocarbon processing equipment.
The principals of the Cowhouse Partners, LLC believed Chemex could better meet customer needs by introducing custom designed refining units. This process starts with simulation based on a design feedstock to yield the desired product slate. Design, purchasing and fabrication follow thereafter.
The principals further believe that the concept can be implemented in any location. This philosophy proved true when the current management erected a refinery on the barren ground of the desert in the Western United States. The closest town was 70 miles distant, yet the employees of this project, formerly miners, farmers, mechanics and truck drivers, were able to learn the skills of refinery operators.
Chemex has deployed this philosophy in both the African and Asian continents. The refineries deployed are still in service to this day. These projects provide an oasis of clean water and power were none existed before.
In addition to the formation of Chemex Modular in 2013, a new facility is being constructed north of Houston, TX to meet and participate in the challenges facing hydrocarbon processing. 

Modular Client Experience

Our Client Experience

Chemex Modular has extensive experience in producing and installing modular refineries.

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Modular Construction Advantages

Advantages of Modular Construction